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The Audio Visual Struggle is Real

My DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fleet

I crashed one, got another and the the first one has been replaced (thanks to DJI Refresh insurance) and now there are two. Not a bad problem to have but two drones? I guess I should take some comfort in knowing that I’ve learned a lot from my first crash. I’ve continued to learn

I’m About that #Dronelife: The DJI Mavic Pro I and II

I waited for the longest time and resisted purchasing a drone. I thought they were way too complicated to learn how to fly, too expensive, and far too big to be that practical for everyday use. That was before DJI introduced the Mavic Pro and even then, it was so in demand and pricey

Polaroid Perfection & Tools of the Trade: Impossible Instant Lab, Fujifilm SP1 and SP2

Given my current inventory of 12 integral film compatible Polaroid cameras and 4 Instax mini compatible Fujifilm cameras, I’ve had my share of hits and misses in my efforts to capture the moment on film. Sometimes I’ve achieved fantastic results and other times I wish I had taken a set of backup pictures with

The Best Feature of Apple’s AirPods: Portability

Having had a pair of AirPods for a week now, I have to say that they are comfortable to wear, easy to pair with my devices, somewhat stylish (though not having a cord at all takes some getting used to) and they do attract some attention being so new, and always charged due to

X-Pro 2 Marks the Spot

I’ve returned to Team Fuji. No, I haven’t abandoned Olympus–I remain firmly in the micro-four thirds camp with Oly as my preferred addiction but I had to take a look at the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 as another option in my digital arsenal and I’m having fun with it as I┬ábecome reacquainted with the Fuji

My Polaroid Civil War

I have too many Polaroid cameras. And I need to get rid of some. It’s not that I don’t like any of the cameras that I have, it’s just a matter of having more than I can practically shoot with at any point in time and the film that I purchase at considerable expense