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The Doctor Is In: HoldFast Roamagrapher

Papa’s got a brand new bag. This is the HoldFast Roamagrapher; this smaller version of the larger original bag is also made from American Bison leather by an excellent company led by Matthew Swaggart in Oklahoma. This is my go to carrrying case for my favorite instant film gear. It has become home to my Instantflex TL70 2.0,

A Hard Head Makes for Soft Pictures

As I have continued my Polaroid-a-day project for the last 325 days with a success rate 30 to 50% (meaning out of every three to four pictures I take, I might get one or two that I really like with the others being way too soft or under/over exposed) the thing that has led

My Instant Photography Traveling Studio: Fuji X70 and SP-2

With the firmware update for the Fuji Instax SP-2 printer allowing direct printing from the Fuji X70 digital camera to the printer, these brand mates have become my instant photography traveling studio because they are the perfect partners in crime. The X70 is small and stealthy while offering photo quality equivalent to and surpassing

On My Way to 1,000 Polaroids in 2016

I’ve taken over 720 Polaroid pictures since the beginning of the year with about a 33% success rate on photos that I’ve been happy to share in my #iceman365 #polaroidaday project. Another 33% are probably ok but a bit blurry or the exposure wasn’t what I wanted. The last third are mistakes, unintended button

Too Many Polaroids, Too Little Time

I’m taking stock of my Polaroid camera collection and it’s time to make some decisions about whether I have too many cameras and if so, which ones should I eliminate from my collection and convert into cash for film to continue to feed the instant addiction. This is my current line-up of eleven integral

The Polaroid SX-70: My Favorite Instant Camera

Of all the instant cameras I’ve owned or purchased, none have served me better than the SX-70, the integral film camera that became an instant icon and sounded the clarion call for a new format of photography encompassing a wide range of styles from everyday to artistic. The look, the mechanics, the optics, and

A First Weekend Review of the Impossible I-1

I ordered my I-1 on May 9, 2016 and received it on May 13, 2016. the packaging was phenomenal and some have debated whether the fancy packaging further affirms their position that the price point for the camera is just too high at $300. It is an expensive camera for technology that has been

The Instant Iceman: Polaroid Photographer Extraordinairre

Or at least in my own mind. But after acquiring thirteen instant cameras and shooting fairly regularly, I might be a bit of an expert on this thing called instant photography. I have two pack film cameras: a Polaroid Land Camera 250 and an NPC 195. I have five Polaroid Sx-70 cameras: one refurbished camera by

I Finally Got an Apple Watch and It’s Ok.

I bought an Apple Watch a year after they were released and I’m satisfied with my purchase. My hesitation in buying an Apple Watch was a concern that it was overpriced and didn’t offer much to justify the different price points. This was based on logic that the base Apple Watch Sport sells for

Impossible 2: the I-1 camera

The heroes at Impossible Project who literally re-invented an equivalent to Polaroid integral film which has given new life to analog photography are hoping to cash in on the camera equipment market with the release of their own instant camera, the I-1. So far, all I can say is I think I-want-1. An interesting