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The Polaroid SX-70: My Favorite Instant Camera

Of all the instant cameras I’ve owned or purchased, none have served me better than the SX-70, the integral film camera that became an instant icon and sounded the clarion call for a new format of photography encompassing a wide range of styles from everyday to artistic. The look, the mechanics, the optics, and

A First Weekend Review of the Impossible I-1

I ordered my I-1 on May 9, 2016 and received it on May 13, 2016. the packaging was phenomenal and some have debated whether the fancy packaging further affirms their position that the price point for the camera is just too high at $300. It is an expensive camera for technology that has been

The Instant Iceman: Polaroid Photographer Extraordinairre

Or at least in my own mind. But after acquiring thirteen instant cameras and shooting fairly regularly, I might be a bit of an expert on this thing called instant photography. I have two pack film cameras: a Polaroid Land Camera 250 and an NPC 195. I have five Polaroid Sx-70 cameras: one refurbished camera by

I Finally Got an Apple Watch and It’s Ok.

I bought an Apple Watch a year after they were released and I’m satisfied with my purchase. My hesitation in buying an Apple Watch was a concern that it was overpriced and didn’t offer much to justify the different price points. This was based on logic that the base Apple Watch Sport sells for

Impossible 2: the I-1 camera

The heroes at Impossible Project who literally re-invented an equivalent to Polaroid integral film which has given new life to analog photography are hoping to cash in on the camera equipment market with the release of their own instant camera, the I-1. So far, all I can say is I think I-want-1. An interesting

The End of an Era: Goodbye Fujifilm Pack Film FP-100C

So Fujifilm has decided to end production of their last pack film, FP-100C and thus Land Camera owners everywhere can begin the count down to living in a world where the film is either too expensive to purchase or eventually runs out entirely. Many are beginning to abandon and sell their cameras but it’s way

The Anonyfamous Polaroid Gallery

My new Polaroid gallery is active at If you’re following me on Facebook, you can see the entire gallery of daily Polaroid posts for this year in my 2016 365 Photo Challenge Album.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Polaroid Photography

It really isn’t Polaroid photography although most of my instant shooters are Polaroid vintage cameras that use either Fuji or Impossible Project film. I currently have ten instant cameras and more of them than digital cameras. I love using them because I have to slow down and consider my lighting and composition to a much

My Instant Obsession: The Polaroid SX70

My wife purchased what has become my most treasured Christmas gift, a Polaroid SX70 SE. It’s black with a black leather covering, a unique blue shutter button and all kinds of retro cool. I’ve invested in several packs of Impossible Project SX70 film and spent my holiday shooting instant film with it and my

How to Avoid Instant Photography Bankruptcy

These are my thoughts about optimizing the use of instant film formats so as not to go bankrupt with your new addiction. I currently use four formats. For my Polaroid SX70 Alpha SE, I use Impossible Project SX70 film–it provides vintage Polaroid color, size and feel but is expensive. With my Polaroid Land Camera