Technology Notes: New “Clamshell Sony

News / Thursday, May 2nd, 2002

Technology Notes: New “Clamshell Sony Clie (TM) and Apple eMac(TM)”

Sony Clie: If you’re a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) user or have an interest in getting a PDA, you might want to take a look at this Brighthand website review of the new Sony Clie. Sony products use the popular Palm(TM) Operating System and are compatible with Palm handheld computing devices which are the market leaders. I have used Palm devices in the past and currently own a Palm Vx and a Handspring Visor Edge(TM). Be mindful that a new Palm operating system (5.0) is soon to be released and features a faster processor with other enhancements. The new Sony Clie will not be upgradeable to the new Palm operating system; however, Sony has pushed the envelope on the current operating system and offers many of tomorrow’s enhancements today while others may choose to wait on yet unannounced new Palm devices. This new Clie is a slick device but a little pricey for my tastes–$600 for the digital camera-equiped model and $500 for the model without the camera.

Apple eMac: Fans of the original Apple iMac will be pleased to know that the eMac is better, bigger, and faster than its older brother. It’s only available to the education market, however. It features a 17 inch flat CRT display, G4 processor, much-publicized all-in-one design, and is loaded with OS 9 and OS X. It’s available from the Apple Store for Education at a cost of $1,049 with the latest iMac selling for $749.

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