PDA FYI My last post


PDA FYI My last post made mention of my plans to feature some links about personal digital assistants (PDA’s) and, while visiting family in Florida, I thought I’d take a moment to post a few things. Walter Mossberg is a Wall Street Journal technology columnist who has written a general article about how PDAs Can […]

August 30, 2002

American Bar Association Elects First


American Bar Association Elects First Black President Dennis Archer, past Michigan Supreme Court Justice and two-term Mayor of Detroit was elected by the ABA as its first African-American President. Archer pledges to emphasize diversity in the association. After his term, Mr. Archer will be succeeded by another African-American, Robert Gray, Jr. Great news–read about it […]

August 15, 2002

New Server, New Look My


New Server, New Look My apologies for the main site being down for a few days. I’m in the process of moving from Bigstep.com (which was a wonderful service but a service that I’ve outgrown based on some new software and web design skills–it’s now too pricey for the features) to MyHosting.com. I’m using Microsoft […]

August 13, 2002