The New Hey webfans,

The New

Hey webfans, the new site is officially up and running on the new server with a new look and new surprises. The resources page will feature all kinds of links categorized for your convenience. This page already features daily business and technology news courtesy of MSNBC. I’m planning a feature article on my use of personal digital assistants (PDA’s) to include my personal favorite and current tool of choice, the Sony Clie. I’ve been looking all over the web for a story about Sony’s marketing plan as it relates to the PDA market and have not found anything yet. If market domination is the ultimate goal, Sony is well on its way with several new devices released this year–all in advance of a new operating system which is sure to further inspire additional devices from the creative genius of this multimedia giant. Aside from the personal and professional development information and links you will see featured on the site in the future, I’m also considering including organizational development material for those of you in leadership positons–especially for those in fraternal or service organizations who are often desirous of resources and assistance that can provide nuts and bolts kinds of tools for immediate application and improvement. Look for such topics as strategic planning, conflict management, communication and organizational leadership as examples of things to come.

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