One Year Later and Bye,

News / Monday, August 30th, 2004
One Year Later and Bye, Bye New Technology (But Did ya Miss Me?)

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Better late than never, I guess. That goes for Palm and for me. I know that I’ve been gone for some time and wow a lot has changed. I’ve moved from Baltimore to Detroit and ditched my Palm (gasp!) in favor of an iPAQ Pocket PC. My trusty Tungsten T3 is listed for sale at and I’m slowly learning the in’s and out’s of the Windows Mobile operating system. Not bad, but not as straightforward as I’m used to. The built-in Wi-Fi combined with Pocket Internet Explorer makes for a killer combination and the lower resolution is not a big issue. If this really isn’t a rumor and a T5 type of device is out in November with decent battery life, I might consider a return to Palm. I never thought I would join the Dark Side. I need help.

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