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Ha, ha you’re infected |

Ha, ha you’re infected | The Register I got hit by this little booger yesterday and I’m not sure if it has been removed from my system. Beware any email messages that you receive from familiar addresses with price.cpl or joke.cpl as attachments. This virus raids the computers of those infected looking for email

Hints and Tips for Pocket

Hints and Tips for Pocket PC Users If you’re into to Pocket PC devices, this is a great website chock full of helpful info by the guy who wrote How to Do Everything With Your Pocket PC, 3rd Edition. It’s a weblog with fairly frequent updates on a myriad of subjects related to Pocket

Some reasons to consider (or

Some reasons to consider (or not) a Pocket PC Phone edition This is a nice article on the pros and cons of getting a converged device. It helped affirm for me that I need–OK, want–an h6315 Pocket PC Phone. I carry a phone and a PDA now so the larger size is not an

HTML Is Our Friend I

HTML Is Our Friend I found a nice little guide to simple HTML instructions from the Instructional Technology Services department of Texas A&M. By the way, the remote email posting works like a charm. There were some line break issues but I think I’ve figured that out.

First ContactThis is my second

First Contact This is my second attempt to use my Blogger email posting address to send a post remotely. I’m amazed at what the good folks at Blogger have provided by way of a personal publishing interface and a free hosting service to make this thing called blogging so easy and hassle free. When

About Gmail: A New Service

About Gmail: A New Service Being Offered by Google Google is experimenting with a new, free email service called Gmail. A preview release and limited test is currently underway. Gmail features email storage for 1,000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) so that users don’t ever have to worry about deleting mail–everything you ever received or sent

PocketPC Addict This little tip

PocketPC Addict This little tip has really helped me to keep my onboard memory as free as possible by eliminating unneccessary clutter.

Law Office Technology – Law

Law Office Technology – Law Firm Management – Law Office Management – Law Firm Marketing Saw this on Pocket PC Addict while doing a search for memory clearing tips.

More on the Move from

More on the Move from Palm to Pocket PC: Don’t Get Rid of the Wireless Keyboard When I bought my T3, I later purchased the Palm Wireless Keyboard. This thing is great because it uses infrared making it compatible with almost any Palm handheld that uses infrared and doesn’t need to plug into connectors Geek News – Mini-Review: Geek News – Mini-Review: Nokia 6820 Neat phone. It seems that my efforts to get my grubby hands on an h6315 Pocket PC phone by exchanging my iPAQ 4155 and paying the difference have been foiled–and by my own mistake, no less. I never throw away the original boxes of my PDA because