First Runner Up: My Next

News / Friday, September 3rd, 2004
First Runner Up: My Next PDA? :: Article :: Big review of HP iPAQ rx3715
If Palm doesn’t get its act together before the iPAQ rx3715 hits the shelves, I might have to retreat even further into the black hole of the Pocket PC universe. This device has more memory and expands on the multi-media functionality of my current device, an iPAQ 4155. It sacrificed the sexy, rounded form factor in favor of a squared, angular look–probably because of the screen rotation capability, but it’s still a rectangle when you turn it 90 degrees; it seems most users would prefer the rounded base design but I’ll have to see it to determine if I like the new design or not–and retains the legacy connector which is good if you have a bunch of accessories. Oddly enough, the Samsung processor rated at the same clock speed isn’t quite as speedy as older devices in some respects. The integrate camera gets good reviews as being the best in a PDA with 1.2 megapixel performance. I wonder about the price. This review says you can expect HP to ask from $350 to $500 depending on the model. I think anything above $400 is too much and I would have to be really impressed to fork over more than that. $400 might be pushing it for essentially the same functionality as the 4155. I’m sure that someone will do a head-to-head comparison that will help with a buy decision.

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