First ContactThis is my second

News / Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
First Contact

This is my second attempt to use my Blogger email posting address to send a post remotely. I’m amazed at what the good folks at Blogger have provided by way of a personal publishing interface and a free hosting service to make this thing called blogging so easy and hassle free. When you visit the weblog, you might also have noticed the addition of comments to each posting so that those of you who care to add to the posting are free to do so. Strangely, I’m not sure that anyone other than me and one or two other people even visit this blog so it will be interesting to see what if any comments are left. More strangely, if I do
find that people are commenting on my entries, that ups the ante on making more of an effort to post regularly and to make sure that the posts are worthy of your reading and not just my own rambling babble (no matter how rich and fulfilling that babble might be). End of babble.

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