Hints and Tips for Pocket

News / Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
Hints and Tips for Pocket PC Users

If you’re into to Pocket PC devices, this is a great website chock full of helpful info by the guy who wrote How to Do Everything With Your Pocket PC, 3rd Edition. It’s a weblog with fairly frequent updates on a myriad of subjects related to Pocket PC use. Pocket PC Hints and Tips

Using a Blog for Personal Reference

As I continue to post things to this site, I find that much of what I post is for my own personal reference and this page becomes a holding place for favorite links or links that I’ve found particularly helpful and want to retain for future use. No, I haven’t forgotten about adding a preferred links column–my hesitation there is that more features means making even more changes to the Blogger template when I’m thinking about changing the template altogether and moving the site to a different URL. Anyway, my point is that weblogs are good places to save stuff that you like and think you might visit again.

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