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Making the call as silly

Making the call as silly as the ring tone If you weren’t crazy about ring tones or thought they were an interesting novelty, look at the next step–conversation clips that you can purchase and include in your mobile phone conversations at the push of a button. People will buy anything.

Apple – iPod Photo Several

Apple – iPod Photo Several months ago Apple said that they have no plans to get back into the PDA market but these iPods continue to become more and more like PDAs with every evolution. You can play your music, listen to audio books, synchronize your calendar, synchronize your address book, play games, store

Early Majority versus Early Adopters

Early Majority versus Early Adopters This piece from IDC, a global market intelligence and advisory firm in the information technology and telecommunications industries, explains the difference between early adopters and early majority users of technology. I think I fall somewhere in the middle; though I tend to purchase like an early adopter led to

XM Radio, The Wall Street

XM Radio, The Wall Street Journal–Free, Free, Free–Don’t Miss Out! The Wall Street Journal will open its site to nonsubscribers from Nov 8th through November 15th to gauge traffic and evaluate whether it should drop subscriptions in favor of advertising as a revenue source. XM radio is also available free online for three days

How to Finance Your Next

How to Finance Your Next Tech Toy by Selling Your Last One Take this advice from a real Professional, The PDA Pundit. Truer words could never have been spoken. Marriages will be saved.

Mobile Phones Could Make Your

Mobile Phones Could Make Your PC Obsolete This article from pdatoday discusses the future of PDAs as replacement devices for PCs. Though I don’t believe that these little gems will fully replace PCs, many of the functions that we perform with computers–specifically email and information searches–can be more efficiently done on a PDA given

Cell phones: Too hot to

Cell phones: Too hot to handle? | CNET Just when I thought that life was great and technology was our friend, this happens. Some of these phones do get hot over time–I have been concerned about potential damage to my PDA phone when it heats up after extensive use. This gives a whole

palmOne – Products – Treo

palmOne – Products – Treo 650 Smartphone Well it’s finally here; the reigning champion of smartphones if nothing else for getting the total equation right. The right form factor, a stable operating system, a good keyboard and screen; it’s a solid product and improves on a solid predecessor. The Treo 600 was so popular

Call Forward Entrepreneurs, Take Heed!

Call Forward Entrepreneurs, Take Heed! This is how technology will assist you in doing business in the future. This is the power of pocketable technology. Many of today’s PDA phones offer most of these capabilities now. It will only get better as speed, size, battery life and memory improve and cost is reduced. It’s

Pen or PDA: Cost is

Pen or PDA: Cost is no longer the issue It used to be that the arguments in favor of paper planners over PDAs had a lot to do with the cost of PDAs since many of the early devices were so expensive. Some of the high end devices still aren’t cheap but given the