Santa Brings Music to Iceman’s

News / Friday, December 31st, 2004
Santa Brings Music to Iceman’s Ears

Well guess what the Big Guy left under my tree? A new iPod 4th Generation 20 GB musical wonderbox. It’s one of the few gadgets I don’t have that I’m not sure I would have purchased myself but that has piqued my curiosity for some time. I’ve picked up a few things to go along with it to include two silicone protective covers one with removable belt clip (iSkin eVo2) and one sans the clip (XtremeMac); a set of JBL Creature II speakers that sound wonderful; a Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for listening in the car and a Tumi urban accessory tote to carry my new toys along with my trusty iPAQ h6315 PDA phone (which has been replaced with what I understand is a later, and hopefully bug-free, production model. I’m not sure about the credibility of the source but we’ll see if this replacement model misses calls and has better reception than the reception of the one I’m sending back. The replacement seems to be brand new and not a refurbished model so we’ll see how it goes). Being the information fiend that I am, I also purchased the iPod and iTunes Missing Manual, a book that provides everything that you ever needed to know about an iPod to include stuff that Apple would probably rather you didn’t know like useful hacks and tips on battery replacement.

As far as the iPod goes, it’s everything that people say it is. Sleek, simple, and endearing. I’ve loaded 480 songs onto it–a full day of music–and I’ve only used 1.42 of the 18.5 GB available. I’ve purchased, downloaded, and synchronized three albums using iTunes with only two clicks of my mouse for each album. I have a new website that I’ve added to my bookmarks, the iPodlounge, one of the best authorities on the iPod and the source of reviews and articles that I found helpful in guiding my accessory purchases. I’m considering a new set of earbuds as being seen with the signature white iPod earbuds is becoming “uncool” because so many people have the little boogers now. I can’t believe that I’ve become one of the Podpeople. Cool.

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