Dawn of the “Technotrancendent,” “Cyborg


Dawn of the “Technotrancendent,” “Cyborg Consumer.” The “Hybrid Entertainment Matrix” has you according to Markus Giesler, assistant professor of marketing at York University in Canada. Gizmodo ran a link to a Wired article, “My iPod, My Self” which offers insight related to Giesler’s studies of high-tech consumer behavior as well as his current research on […]

January 29, 2005

The iPod Phone ShuffleEngadget ran


The iPod Phone Shuffle Engadget ran this bit by Ross Rubin on a pending Motorola phone that will come installed with iTunes software. Ross proposes that these iTunes-capable Motorola phones will allow Apple to enter the very lucrative cell phone market but warns that this new market opportunity might reduce existing iTunes music store sales. […]

January 26, 2005