The Next Big Thing: Podcasts

The Next Big Thing: Podcasts

I’ve had a chance to spend a little time with my iPod understanding all that it can do, buying accessories, carrying it with me everywhere I go, dancing around my apartment listening to the latest tracks that I’ve purchased or ripped and of course, cruising the web searching for interesting facts or data that might add to the experience. That brings me to podcasts. Podcasts are news broadcasts that have been uploaded to the internet by individuals who are taking their weblog initiatives to the airwaves. It began as MP3 files that were made available for download to iPods but, with PDAs that are also capable of playing MP3 files, it’s become all that and much more. A tutorial on podcasts can be found at here. It includes links to in-depth articles on topics including Podcast Basics, How Do I Subscribe to a Podcast, Podcasting and Windows Media Player, and Join the Podcast Revolution.

Two other overview articles are Podcasting: Do-It-Yourself Radio (which also suggests that podcasts are better than radio) and – Podcasts meld MP3 players, RSS in radio fashion.

These sites feature PDA and technology related podcasts as a sample of many others that exist:
Dave’s PDA Weekly Rewind
Engadget podcasts
and a number of other assorted podcasts at and Podcast Alley.

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