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Graffiti + Interactive Media = Grafedia

Wired News: Grafedia. Grafedia is interactive grafitti that links physical and digital spaces. You can learn more about it here. It began as an interactive telecommunications project by John Geraci at NYU. The applications for promotions are intriguing but I’m hopeful that it doesn’t give rise to increases in vandalism from unwelcome tagging. It’s

PDAThoughts: What is a PDA For?

MIke Featherstone at PDAThoughts takes a shot a answering the question, “What is my PDA for?” Mike seems to struggle with whether his particular role as a PDA software and hardware reviewer and computer professional drives his use of a PDA more than the PDA being of particular use in and of itself and, April 2005

I’ve been reviewing the April print issue of PocketPC Magazine and there are some good articles available online to include this one: Can I Replace My Desktop with a Pocket PC?.The article is written by Don Sorcinelli who describes himself as an “information worker.” Don conducted a five day experiment where he relied on

Brighthand: T-Mobile Pulls the HP h6315

What!? I don’t know what this means in terms of support and service for those of us who use this device but ever since I returned what appeared to be an early production device and received a new replacement, I couldn’t be happier with my h6315. The HP replacement for the h6315, the hw6500,

From Afros to Shelltoes

Art, Action, and Conversation–this is what you can expect if you ever have an opportunity to participate in the cross-generational, edutainment experience provided by Edward M. Garnes, Jr. and Sugar Johnson of Babuke Brothers, LLC. As their website states, “From Afros to Shelltoes is an inter-generational dialogue that aims to lessen the misunderstandings between

PDAs for Sale on eBay

I’ve listed three of my old PDAs for sale on eBay. It was difficult to give up my iPAQ 4155 but I’m sure it will find a new home soon. Our Zire 21 was a good friend when we needed a temporary fix while searching for a replacement for a Sony TG50 that never

Google Mobile Web Page and G, G, G, G-Gmail!

More from jkOnTheRun: Gmail may be making its debut without the need for an invitation from a current user. I’ve got an account-it’s not hard to say yes to a free 1000MB email utility that’s PDA compatible. And: An optimized google experience for mobile device users. When I log onto google from my PDA

Form versus Function in the Perfect Mobile Device

Thanks to jkOnTheRun for this link to Russell Beattie’s thoughts on mobile form factors. What does the perfect mobile device look like? Does form follow function?

Blogging with a PDA

William Hungerford at has updated their listing of Top PDA Blog Posting Tools. I’ve successfully tried PocketBlog and have tried PocketBlogger but haven’t been able to post successfully just yet. Fortunately, the mail-to-blog functionality of Blogger combined with the ease of use in the T-Mobile mail application on my iPAQ works fine for

Just When I Decided to Take the Michigan Bar?

The blog network links to Nancy McCarthy’s article on a report issued last month by an American Bar Association commission entitled, “Miles to Go: Progress of Minorities in the Legal Profession.” It’s a good summary of the ongoing challenges of diversity within the legal profession.