PDAThoughts: What is a PDA For?

News / Sunday, March 20th, 2005

MIke Featherstone at PDAThoughts takes a shot a answering the question, “What is my PDA for?” Mike seems to struggle with whether his particular role as a PDA software and hardware reviewer and computer professional drives his use of a PDA more than the PDA being of particular use in and of itself and, since he owns a T5, that kind of makes sense. The T5, with all its advanced multi-media functionality, is still at its core a personal information manager (PIM) PDA great for carrying lots of data around for reference while allowing data input remotely from your computer for synchronization later. With a non-connected device like the T5, WiFi card notwithstanding, unless you’re a die hard user of the core functions–calendar, to-do list, memo pad and contacts functions–the rest is nice to have but not necessary to force a purchase decision. I use these core functions frequently in addition to using my device as a handy reference depository but what really makes my device indispensable is its converged inclusion of a mobile phone. Being able to keep the internet in my pocket for web-browsing and email access is a tremendous benefit along with using the device as a mobile phone. I have all my contacts readily availalble at all times or I can add new numbers as they come in. I can also dail numbers directly from websites by tapping the link or copying and pasting into my phone application.

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