Monthly Archive:: April 2005

Just Checkin’ In

Nothing new to report. Life is good with the Powerbook; I’m enjoying OS X and may play around witih some AppleScripts. Although, I don’t have much to post I wanted to at least make a new entry. I’ve taken the iPod and transferred my iTunes library from one of my Windows machines to the

palmOne Tungsten E2 Released

And the reviews are sprouting up all over the web. The PDA Review Spot is the best single source to find all the latest reviews. The E2 is a nice improvement over the top-selling Tungsten E.

Googlezon Cometh

Is it just me or is Google trying to take over the world? First Gmail, which by the way is up to 2 gigabytes of storage and counting; now there’s Google Local–also optimized for phones and PDAs, and don’t forget Google Maps which will provide you with a satellite picture of any address; some

Hyped on Skype

Well, I’ve done it. I downloaded Skype to my Powerbook and joined the community of free long distance users. My brother and I were talking last night and the ease of use and clarity of this application are hard to beat. A word of warning: Skype can be downloaded to your computer as part

Should Duke Discontinue the Free iPod Program?

Duke University has decided to continue its iPod program which offers free devices to incoming students but has changed the program to make the free iPods only available to students enrolled in classes that use the iPod. Experience with the program has demonstrated that certain courses (music, language) are better suited for instruction and

To Stay with Palm or Not to Stay with Palm, That is the Question

Tanker Bob is an avid Palm user that, like many of us, has been faced with having to make a choice between staying with the Palm OS and recent units that disappoint, or moving to the Windows Mobile OS and new devices that offer a wonderful multi-media experience with improved stability. Read about his

T-Mobile Free Hotspot Access for .Mac Users

That’s right–30 free days of access as a benefit for being a .Mac user. Thanks to the Daily Gadget for the tip.

Duke Takes Another Look at First-year iPod Program

Thanks to iPodlounge for an update on changes to the program references to the Duke iPod First-year Experience Website.

Back on the Block

I’ve solved my web browser problem with the help of Mozilla Firefox. All my Blogger formatting buttons are now available and I shouldn’t have any more problems viewing websites on the Powerbook. Who says you need Internet Explorer?

Been a Little Distracted…Let’s Catch Up.

I’ve been spending some time getting used to my new Powerbook. I like the interface of OS X but some of the quirks aren’t easy to figure out without resorting to discussion boards for answers. My most recent exploits have involved getting my wireless connection synchronized (you have to use a “$” before the