Mac Attack! Got a Powerbook G4

Years ago when I was in law school, I bought a Macintosh and I loved it. Once I graduated, I used the Mac for several more years and as I outgrew it and looked around for suitable replacements, I discovered that that cost for a new machine and requisite software to continue compatibility with my work-related software exceeded the benefits of owning a Mac. I reluctantly purchased a Dell with speakers, software, printer and 19-inch monitor at an unbelievable price. The Dell has served me well but software viruses and constant Microsoft updates have continued to frustrate me. Now that I’ve had an iPod and begun to look around for a Dell replacement, I’ve found myself considering an Apple again. Today, the circle was completed. I’ve shopped and compared and decided that my new old friend will be a 4.6 pound aluminum, 1.18 inch beast of a notebook they call PowerBook G4. I plan to spend the evening getting reacquainted with the Mac operating system, OS X Panther specifically. It’s impressive but little things like Ctrl-C for copying text are big differences and I’ve got to get used to using the Apple keys again. Internet Explorer for Mac and the Mac browser, Safari, don’t quite render all web pages as they should but web sites tend to be optimized for Internet Explorer on Windows PC platforms. All in all, I’m very satisfied. The Powerbook is up and running wirelessly on my DSL network and life is good.

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