Been a Little Distracted…Let’s Catch Up.

I’ve been spending some time getting used to my new Powerbook. I like the interface of OS X but some of the quirks aren’t easy to figure out without resorting to discussion boards for answers. My most recent exploits have involved getting my wireless connection synchronized (you have to use a “$” before the WEP password) and sending mail through my outgoing SMTP server (had to change the port number to 587). All of this seems entirely arbitrary to me and there wasn’t much help to be found in the documentation or online help from Apple, though I did find one of the answers on the discussion board hosted on the Apple website. Enough of that, I’m still quite pleased with the Powerbook’s performance and even bought a copy of ChessMaster 9000. I’m shopping for a slim fitting sleeve and may give the Booq Vyper XS a try. Here are a few things of interest, not as timely as I would like, but interesting nonetheless.

T-Mobile iPAQ h6315 ROM Update

Engadget posted this link to the ROM update for the iPAQ h6315. I’ve downloaded the update and haven’t yet detected a noticeable difference. I’ve always been of the opinion that there were two production releases of the h6315. The first release was fairly unstable and full of bugs. It had the T-Mobile logo under the indicator lights. I got tired of the problems with that device and took it to T-Mobile where I was convinced to exchange the device via mail replacement. The new device that I received has been a joy to work with and oddly enough had the T-Mobile logo moved to the bottom right side below the screen. I didn’t check the serial numbers of the two devices before returning the first, but I suspect they were different production runs. T-Mobile has resumed sale of the h6315 after a brief suspension prior to the ROM update and I think it remains a great value though it could use a faster processor.

2005 iPodlounge Buyers Guide

Essential **free** reading for all iPod lovers. iPodlounge provides an excellent pdf magazine on all things iPod with great reviews and updates on exciting things to come.

More to come later. Time for bed.

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