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PalmOne LifeDrive Reviews

A link from BargainPDA A link from About Palmtops/PDAs to Mobile TechReview And several others by featured in this Engadget link. I’ve thought about getting a LifeDrive, it’s a lot like having an iPod mini with full PDA functionality, but since I’m such a fan of converged devices, I’ve decided to trade my iPAQ

Can’t Get Enough Gameboy? The Micro Cometh.

4 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 0.7 inches deep. Poor parenting comes in an even smaller package for those of you who refuse to tell your kids to put the damn things away while eating in public or walking through the mall.

New Cat on the Prowl

I’ve installed OS X Tiger with no obvious problems. I needed to reconfigure wireless access to my DSL router and forgot that you need to precede the WEP key with a “$” but once I remembered this detail, everything was working smoothly again. The Dashboard feature is neat and Spotlight is truly a marvel

Pocket PC Magazine: First Look: Windows Mobile 5.0

All you ever wanted to know about the new operating system called Magneto. A couple of things that I like are the addition of photos to contacts and charts in Excel Mobile (Pocket Excel) though these aren’t earth-shattering innovations.

Engaget: How-to: One-click audio news, synced with your iPod in Tiger

Got Tiger? I picked it up over the weekend but haven’t installed it yet since I’m still getting used to Panther. The Automator seems like a nice application that may just simplify the use of Applescripts to customize your Mac use. Quote from the link: “This how-to uses the new Automator feature in Mac

Engaget: palmOne’s LifeDrive Mobile Manager appears on Amazon

More from Peter Rojas at Engaget. This one features some nice pictures of the device–we’ll see if they’re accurate once the new Palm becomes available for purchase.

On the Go with Blogger Mobile

I’ve been looking for an easy way to post using my phone or PDA and now it seems that Blogger has come up with it’s own tool–Blogger Mobile.

Engadget: HP iPAQ hw6500 vs. the Treo 650

I’ve got an iPAQ 6315 and my wife has a Treo 600. These two devices are the latest reincarnations of each and Peter Rojas offers this face-off on Engadget.

jkOnTheRun link to free PDF: How We Got Here

A new book by Andy Kessler, a former hedge fund manager who now writes on investment trends in technology and communications. How We Got Here is “a Primer on the ways in which new technologies develop from unprofitable curiosities to essential investments.”

Mac OS 10.4 Tiger News from

FirstAdopter featured these links of interest for you Mac fans out there: An OS X Tiger Up-To-Date program for those who purchased Macs before or after April 12, 2005, and a 21-page review of OS X Tiger.