New Cat on the Prowl

News / Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

I’ve installed OS X Tiger with no obvious problems. I needed to reconfigure wireless access to my DSL router and forgot that you need to precede the WEP key with a “$” but once I remembered this detail, everything was working smoothly again. The Dashboard feature is neat and Spotlight is truly a marvel of a search tool. An update has been made available that addresses a few of the applications issues that were raised earlier. Overall, it seems to be a good improvement. I’m curious about the Automator but haven’t played around with it yet. Was it worth the $129–not sure but I’ve justified the purchase and moved on. I’ve also become something of an Apple history student having read Cult of Mac and have begun reading Apple Confidential 2.0. As much as you have to admire Steve Jobs for what he’s done for Apple, when you read some of the history (although the accuracy is arguable), it makes you think twice about his shroud of benevolence. I think I’ve finally crossed the line into Geekdom. Got the shirt.

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