PalmOne LifeDrive Reviews

News / Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

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And several others by featured in this Engadget link.
I’ve thought about getting a LifeDrive, it’s a lot like having an iPod mini with full PDA functionality, but since I’m such a fan of converged devices, I’ve decided to trade my iPAQ h6315 for a PalmOne Treo 650. I’ll be on the Sprint PCS network with unlimited data and nationwide minutes for $55.00. It’s not GPRS and I don’t think Sprint uses SIM cards, so this will be a new experience. I couldn’t wait for the iPAQ hw6500 and its low screen resolution is a turnoff anyway. Always something new I guess and to maintain peace in my marriage, the h6315 will be going to eBay. Now I’ll be able to keep up with all you quick fingered Treo and Sidekick texters.

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