Monthly Archive:: June 2005

Dave’s iPAQ Multi-part Review of the 6500

Dave thinks the new iPAQ is very “smooth.” It seems clear that this device is squarely aimed at the Treo and the Blackberry so HP might have hit a home run with this one. Having owned a 6315 and now a Treo 650, I can say that I prefer the functionality of the Treo

Brighthand: The Drawbacks of Cellular-Wireless Handhelds

Ed Hardy comments on the bittersweet nature of converged devices. His thoughts are right on target and he does a great job of stating some of the frustrations that power users–those most likely to take full advantage of the benefits of converged devices–face in choosing to purchase technology that is often handicapped by the

jkOnTheRun link to PocketPC Addict: Using a smartphone as a notebook replacement

A brief article about using Smartphone as a primary workhourse during a weeklong trip.

Audio Email

I saw a post about sending audio email as an alternate way of delivering messages in your own voice and allowing for communication of the proper tone–something not easily captured by text. The link led me to an advertisement for an audio transcription service. Why use a service when you can do the same

Brighthand Multi-part Review of palmOne LifeDrive

It’s five parts and pretty thorough. A hard drive in a PDA signals a new era in personal technology. This is perhaps the first serious challenge to the iPod and other digital music players for those who have both types of devices. First, PDA-phone convergence; get ready for PDA-everything else convergence. Did I say

I’m Still Here–and I’ve Got a New Toy

Thought I forgot about you, huh? No, just busy with my latest and greatest techno-toy, a Treo 650 Smartphone. I’m really impressed with this device and will pack up the h6315 for a trip to eBay. The 650 brings me back into the Palm camp and I can honestly say that even without WiFi,