I’m Still Here–and I’ve Got a New Toy

Thought I forgot about you, huh? No, just busy with my latest and greatest techno-toy, a Treo 650 Smartphone. I’m really impressed with this device and will pack up the h6315 for a trip to eBay. The 650 brings me back into the Palm camp and I can honestly say that even without WiFi, I enjoy using the Treo way more than the IPAQ. I waited until the newness wore off and I continue to find myself picking up the device and marveling at its simple sophistication. I don’t say simple just because of the Zen of Palm either–that’s just cute marketing–but this thing has really been designed with an end user in mind whether you prefer PDA functionality and want an included phone (like me) or whether your bias is toward a solid phone with PDA functionality (like my wife, who has a Treo 600–nice but the 650 is everything that stopped me from getting a 600 and beats the h6315 hands down in my opinion).

What’s so great about the 650 over the IPAQ h6315? I hoped that I could refer you to a good online article but I haven’t come across anything yet though there are plenty of opinions in message boards. A few of my reasons for choosing the 650 over the 6315:

-Better form factor; easier to use as a phone–smaller device
-Integrated QWERTY keyboard–nothing extra to carry around
-Smaller screen but higher resolution
-Better PDA/mobile phone software integration
-Good quality camcorder and camera–you can watch movies using the included camcorder and the 650’s camera is perhaps the best on a VGA phone or PDA to date; it really is usable and not a cheap throw-in feature
-Fast internet browsing using CDMA network–no real need for WiFi
-Much better phone experience–sound quality, speaker phone, and ring tones are all preferred to h6315
-Faster processor with equivalent if not better battery life

These are just starters. I do miss the better multi-tasking functionality of the IPAQ but that’s not something that I relied on in a PDA and would only save a few steps on the rare occasions that I used it–still a plus for the 6315 nonetheless. Maybe if I can find the time, I’ll do a more in depth comparison of the two devices–doubtful, but it sounds nice and I do think it might be a worthwhile piece of work. There are some size comparisons of the 650 vs the h6315 and hw6500, with the hw6500 looking more like a Treo than its predecessor. Still, the early reports would suggest that the 650 will still come out on top. More to come.

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