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Web/Tech / Thursday, March 29th, 2007

My site continues to change to reflect the ebbs and flows of web traffic along with my individual moods. It’s important as you make your way on the web not to get so caught up in the look and design of your site that you’re unwilling to make improvements that will generate even more interest and kinds of site visits that draw a growing and loyal audience. Pay attention to your website statistics and use common sense when you make changes or conduct awareness campaigns. The changes I’ve made here are a case in point: given the article that I wrote for Centerstage Magazine, it stands to reason that any traffic from that site that comes to this site should be directed to the site. Winning web marketing strategies leverage all of your online touch points (blogs, social network memberships, complementary websites, podcasts, forum posts,  etc.) toward a focused result. Aside from providing commentary, reviews, tips, and resources on black business from an internet marketing perspective, I’m also working on growing the most comprehensive black business directory on the internet–a directory that can be used in a very practical fashion to find premier businesses and services without getting distracted by attempting to serve too other competing interests–focused, fast, and efficient. A great site and sound concept are nothing without interest and so the site continues to evolve. I hope you like the new look of the weblog–the focus and connection to The One Million is greater and I’ve added some interactive content that will help you build your network and grow along with me. Let me know what you think. I’ll post a link to the old-new site shortly.

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