May Money Madness! Refer a Paid Listing and You Make 100%!

Marketing / Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Just like I promised you, the month of May promises to be a good financial month for many of you who have been following the site and visiting the weblog and related sites to keep up with our growth and development. During May (and depending on the success of the program, perhaps continuing through June), I will offer 100% commissions to affiliate partners who sign up new members to the site. The free upgrade from the Basic listing to a Premium listing has ended and many people took me up on that offer–congratulations to each of them for joining the One Million–now I extend the chance for as many who care to make money while the site continues to grow. For every paid listing that you generate as an affiliate partner, you keep 100% of the listing fee. So, if someone you refer through your affiliate link purchases a Listing Membership, you get $24, a Premium Membership–60 bucks, Mini-Webpage–$96, and a Category Sponsor listing will net you $120. More listings is the name of the game and I’m willing to give you the profit for assisting with the growth of the business. Hopefully, those who list today will list in subsequent years and we’ll benefit from their subscriptions in the future. That’s not your worry–you’ll get paid today for listings today. If you want to become an affiliate, sign up here and get started with promotions and referrals so that you can get paid! I’ll provide addtional promotional tools beyond the current banners and text links thorughout the month and notify you of changes that you might want to use in your contacts with others to encourage them to list. Feel free to contact me with any questions–now go make some money!

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