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A Few Gems I Stumbled Upon while Configuring my New iPhone

Now there’s a title for a new post. I’ve got my mail and my email addresses for working on my iPhone and I’ve got to admit that the messages look great on a large, colorful, high-resolution screen in full html format. One of the messages was from Bro. Bedford who publishes a

Is the iPhone the Ultimate Personal Multimedia Device and Remote Business Tool?

It goes on sale tomorrow evening at 6pm and people are lined up to be the first to get one. Reviews are starting to spill out all over the internet and the question will be whether the iPhone is the new king of the hill in the pursuit of pocketable technology that does it

Iceman Baldy Centerstage Magazine Article: Web 2.0–The Revolution will be Computerized

This is an article that I authored that appeared in Centerstage Magazine. It is reprinted here for your reading pleasure. Be sure to visit Centerstage for my monthly technology column. Web 2.0: The Revolution will be Computerized The revolution will not be televised, will not be televisedwill not be televised, will not be televisedThe

The Premier Black Networking Event: Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration 2007–Calendar of Events

The Circle City is making preparations for the largest African American event in America–Indiana Black Expo–from July 12, 2007 through July 22, 2007. has the full events listing with links to all the besty places, activities and points of interest. You can also visit the official Indiana Black Expo site for more information.

NBBTA’s Black Business Space is Alive and Well at a new Ning Location!

From the new Ning network website: " is a growing commUNITY of business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and consumers, looking to establish and maintain beneficial and rewarding networking and social relationships." Black Business Space is sponsored by the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA). The NBBTA promotes Black Business Awareness and every month is Black is a new Category Sponsor

We are pleased to welcome as a new Category Sponsor of The One Million. Black Professional Events is a real time event portal. Event Planners, Promoters, and Organizations are encouraged to post events on their portal. The goal of is to become the information hub and one stop location of events for

Stereohyped. Once you blog black, you never go back.

I found this blog (Stereohyped) via my Google alerts on black business. It’s an interesting mix of of news and politics, entertainment and celebrities, education and career, dating and sex, and travel and culture that’s fun to read with lots of updates. Much of the content borders on being a little gossippy but each

Get Ready for the Black Enterprise Business Report, Airing June 9, 2007 on Your Local TV Station

Check out this press release from Marketwire: The "Black Enterprise Business Report," a half-hour, nationally syndicated television series that spotlights successful African American power players and business executives, debuts Saturday, June 9. The weekly series includes Power Player interviews, and Entrepreneur of the Week, wealth building, and Luxe Life segments. Former CBS news anchor

HomelandColors Blog: Locating and Supporting Black Business

HomelandColors has a good post on the difficulty in locating Black Businesses and the need for support by black patrons and effective delivery of products and services by black business owners. It’s a great post and I felt compelled to post a comment related to the difficulty of search and support via the internet

The Next Wave in Personal Publishing: BlogTalkRadio Featuring Black-oriented Shows

Want to host your own radio show for free from anywhere in the world? Then take a look at BlogTalkRadio.  Its founders refer to it as Podcasting 2.0 because you don’t need expensive equipment or technology–all you need is a normal phone or VOIP connection. There are a hundreds of stations to choose from