The Next Wave in Personal Publishing: BlogTalkRadio Featuring Black-oriented Shows

Web/Tech / Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Want to host your own radio show for free from anywhere in the world? Then take a look at BlogTalkRadio.  Its founders refer to it as Podcasting 2.0 because you don’t need expensive equipment or technology–all you need is a normal phone or VOIP connection. There are a hundreds of stations to choose from as part of the existing programming and hosts who have posted shows. A small sampling of black-oriented shows include Taking it to the People, Living Black, BMORENEWS, In The Know, Empowered Blk Perspective, AfricanAmerica radio, Spoken Truth, Black Women’s Roundtable, Black Hair Talks, Radio Active, Black Education and others you can find here or through your own keyword searches. I’ll try to compile a listing of all of them all in a subsequent post. Some of the shows are very good and updated almost every day. This seems like another good way to establish your expertise and get the word out about your products and services to a custom-made target audience.

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