Is the iPhone the Ultimate Personal Multimedia Device and Remote Business Tool?

Web/Tech / Thursday, June 28th, 2007

It goes on sale tomorrow evening at 6pm and people are lined up to be the first to get one. Reviews are starting to spill out all over the internet and the question will be whether the iPhone is the new king of the hill in the pursuit of pocketable technology that does it all. Given the preliminary reviews by the industry experts, with the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg among the digerati, it appears the Apple may have hit the mark for size, battery life, functionality, and ultimate cool. If the Safari internet browser is truly the delight to use that many say it is, remote access for website maintenance will finally be as easy as sitting at your desktop or folding out a laptop computer. The additonal screen real estate will make the pocketable experience bearable rather than having to squint and scroll your way through the times between having a larger screen available. My only other concern is whether Microsoft Exchange will be an option for synching with corporate email and the reviews so far are mixed in that regard. The price is steep and availability will be restricted to AT&T for a while (not the cheapest provider for unlimited data plans and EDGE isn’t the fasted option when AT&T also offers the much faster 3G network on many of its other products) but built in wi-fi will help convert some sales and the abilty to upgrade the operating system is a major plus. I intend to wait for at least a few weeks before plunking down some serious change but it’s only a matter of time before I say goodbye to my Blackjack, which aside from the limited RAM, has been one of the best smartphones I’ve ever owned. Enjoy this video of Mossberg’s reactions after a few weeks with the device and stay tuned for my own observations of how well I’m able to use the device to stay on top of my websites. I’m especially interested in how well it might render my administrative pages on We’ll see if the iPhone can replace my PowerBook G4.

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