A Few Gems I Stumbled Upon while Configuring my New iPhone

Web/Tech / Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Now there’s a title for a new post. I’ve got my mac.com mail and my email addresses for OneMillionBlackBusinesses.com working on my iPhone and I’ve got to admit that the messages look great on a large, colorful, high-resolution screen in full html format. One of the messages was from Bro. Bedford who publishes a newsletter on How to Be a Black Entrepreneur in addition to his recent release, "My Conversations With Black Millionaire Entrepreneurs: No Non-Sense Lessons From Those Who’ve Been There, Done That!" You can visit his website at Conversations with Black Millionaires.

In his latest email message to me, Bro. Bedford introduced Johnny Palmer and his website, Black Entrepreneurship.com. BlackEntrepreneurship.com is a Houston, Texas based resource and networking site
whose mission is "to increase access to knowledge and create businesses within
the Black Community by combining private, public and non-profit sector
resources." Give them a visit and pay particular attention to the list of events and the Business Blessing among the many other fantastic resources and links available at the site. One of the more interesting links that I discovered while visiting the site is the Black Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame which will take you to the Blogger site of the National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA). This appears to be an older site used by the NBBTA to post biographical information on notable Black Entrepreneurs from a variety of fields and industries. I hope that NBBTA incorporates this information into its new BlackBusinessSpace.com home. I have also posted a links to BlackEntreneurship.com and the Black Entreneurs Hall of Fame on my Squidoo Black Business information page.

More to come later on using my iPhone as a tool for enhanced entrepreneurial success and productivity.

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