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A Black Entrepreneur’s Home Away from Home

Black Enterprise has assembled a list of ten of the best Black-owned Bed and Breakfast establishments from across the country. If you haven’t stayed at a bed and breakfast before, you’re missing out on one of life’s luxuries. For about the same price as a stay in a nice hotel, a bed and breakfast

The Baron Series – Your Trusted Source for Wealth and Business Education

This is a great site for those interested in building wealth. The site features a newsletter, podcasts, article downloads and various products that support entrepreneurial growth, development and business success. It’s a wonderful resource site with free and for fee content. The site is also a great example of internet marketing applied to book

Looking for Information and research on African-American Consumers? Try Target Market News!

Target Market News, Inc. was founded in 1988 with a mission to provide news, information and research on the nation’s largest ethnic group, African-American consumers. Based in Chicago, it is the only company of its kind in the industry. The site features key statistics, census data, business publications, and a variety of departmental news

Everthing you Love and Hate about the iPhone

Visit my new lens at iPhone Forever. Brief Digg Summary: A squidoo lens on the iPhone that includes news, reviews, lists, commentary, and other resources that are updated frequently by the lens creator and lens visitors. A squidoo favorite for those who love and hate the iPhone. I’ve had my iPhone for a full

Is There a Black Business Niche?

Jim Walton of has written an interesting post on entrepreneurs by ethnic groups and asks what type of businesses are African Americans generally noted as dominating. It’s a question that plays into stereotypes and generalities but a fair question to provoke thought and discussion about promoting black entreneurship. Tell me what you think.