Not For Lack Of Trying: American Entrepreneurship In Black And White

It’s not enough to have a positive attitude and be optimistic about your business success. This is of vital importance to sustaining a viable enterprise over the long term but there are other factors that will make or break your business. According to this paper, black Americans are twice as likely as white Americans to try to start a business. The article also found that black Americans tend to exhibit more optimistic perceptions of their business environment than other racial groups. However, black entrepreneurs are more likely than white entrepreneurs to fail in the early stages of the entrepreneurial process. Maria Minniti is the Babson College professor who authored the article; she has received the 2007 best publication award from the Society of Friends of the German Institute for Economic Research.  It’s a 38 page PDF file and a good read for those who like scholarly research on the topic of black business. Not for Lack of Trying: American Entrepreneurship in Black and White.

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