Do You Squidoo?

Marketing / Sunday, August 19th, 2007

I’ve been using Squidoo to market my other sites while making some money from the shared ad revenue by choosing products and advertisements to run on my lenses (the name for Squidoo sites). It takes two minutes to set up a lens and you can tinker with it using pictures, video, text, links, polls, interactive voting modules and a host of other Web 2.0 features that make Squidoo an addictive joy in creativity. Like Wikipedia, where people collaborate and share their expertise, using Squidoo any individual can share his or her expertise on a topic, hobby, or business pursuit and benefit from targeted traffic. With any new site or service, experts begin to offer their wisdom on optimizing your efforts and Bob the Teacher is one of the most wise when it come to things Squidoo. I’ve used his Squidoo Secrets to make the most of my lenses and I encourage you to use it to create your own great money-making lenses.

Feel free to check out some of my lenses to see a sample of the possibilities:
Black Business lens
Black Greek Fraternity and Sorority lens
Squidoo Lens for African-American Lensmasters

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