Who’s Who Publishing Company – Highlighting African American Achievements

I was in Barnes & Noble this evening searching
for resources to use for an African American Male Mentoring program
that my local fraternity chapter is kicking off again this fall now
that school has started and I came across and excellent publication:
Who’s Who in Black Indianapolis, published by the Who’s Who Publishing Company – Highlighting African American Achievements. Its featured
sections include more than four hundred  biographical sketches and
stories on
Indianapolis’ elite in business, government, education, media, sports
and the community. It’s over 300 pages of full color photos, articles
and supportive advertisements and I must say that publisher C. Sunny Martin
has done and outstanding job on this volume and all the other 23
volumes that highlight major cities and black professionals. You can
purchase any of the latest editions at a discount by visiting this Amazon.com link to books by the publisher.

By the way, I did find what I was looking for–Hill
Harper’s Letters to a Young Brother offers individual lesson plans on
life and learning that I will use as topical material for our monthly
sessions while providing each young man with a copy of the book for
additional reading and reflections outside of our meetings.

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