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Marketing / Sunday, September 9th, 2007

If you’ve used Facebook, BlackPlanet, MySpace, ConnectingBlack, MyBlogLog or any number of other social networks to promote your business or services, you’re missing out on the power of creating your own network and harnessing individual needs to affiliate and network with like-minded persons in a completely new way where you are the chief beneficiary and forum convener. I’m talking about a free social networking service called Ning where you can create and customize a fully-featured network branded as your own.

Among the myriad of features freely offered (from the Ning features page):

Social Networking

Full Customization

Choose the features you want on your Social Network

  • Photo Sharing

  • Video Sharing
  • Discussion Forum

Member Profile Pages & Blogs            

Advanced Customization

I’ve used Ning to create the One Million Black Networking Space and I’ve joined other black-interest networks on Ning to include:

It’s remarkably easy to get started and there are new networks being created every day. Ning has helped me to connect with others who have an interest in what I’m trying to accomplish with my black business directory and who enjoy reading the postings on my weblog. I’ve seen new interest in my networking space and I’ll need to devote some time to making that a place that truly assists my business listing clients to collaborate with one another.

Stay tuned for an Ebook that I plan to publish that reviews each of the most popular social networking tools/sites with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your efforts while maintaining focus on your primary site(s).

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