Is Second Life Worth a Second Look?

Short answer: No. Second Life is the virtual reality space where users set up digital alter egos that interact with other digital beings in a wholly computerized parallel universe. You become your own Sims character and get to do a "do over" when it comes to living this thing called life. My problem with Second Life is that the time it would take to invest in living in this space would affirm that you don’t have much of a First Life. Life is short. I’m all for interesting technology and I obviously like using an alias, but the time we spend in the real world doing things that matter to us personally and that benefit the larger community is where the real action is. I don’t see Second Life becoming anything more than an entertaining diversion and certainly don’t understand corporate interests in monetizing the space–most people who spend good money don’t have the time to live a completely virtual life in addition to making the most of their real one.  Read more on this topic based on an article at

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