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Internet Marketing in the Black

The BlackInternetMarketingForum is now online offering a new and unique resource for African American Internet Marketers where discussions about applications, tools, tips and tricks takes place on a daily basis. The discussion forum uses “Living, Giving, Learning, Earning” as its slogan while marketers learn how to “Do the Damn Thang.” You can read more

Achieving Laser Focus in your Internet Marketing Efforts

I’m not sure why, but it seems that my efforts at achieving a greater level of visibility and expertise are paying off. I attribute most of it to my intensified efforts to post more often to my weblog while also maintaining contact with friends and colleagues through social networking sites. As I’ve followed some

Joined Yuwie–Let’s See How Long it Lasts

I went ahead and signed up for a Yuwie account. It’s a lot like MySpace even to the point of not being super-easy to navigate around. I found the ad pages a little irritating initially as I was setting up my page and having to continously skip over multiple pages before being allowed to

Good BlogRush Find: Mind of a Hustler

I was visiting my blog today to check on links and overall layout and content; I’m going to make a few changes and incorporate some new links and images that need increased visibilit to include my new discussion forum at While looking over the site, I saw a link to what is a

Yuwie vs MySpace

Yuwie is being heralded as the MySpace killer under the premise of offering everything that you get with MySpace in addition to pay for page views of advertisments hosted on your page and the pages of all of your friends. I haven’t set up a page on Yuwie (not sure I have the time

Jermaine Griggs’ Nitty Gritty Marketing

A 17-year old entrepreneur turned 24-year old CEO of a multi-million dollar internet enterprise shares his from-rags-to-riches story with an introductory offer for his internet marketing training program. He’s impressive and it’s great to see that African-Americans are capturing the attention of internet marketing moguls as they become moguls in their own right. The

Free Ebook! How To Be A Black Entrepreneur in the Information Age has posted this press release about an Ebook from Brother Bedford, founder of the How to Be A Black Entrepreneur website. I’ve read the Ebook and subscribed to his list. He has some outstanding words of wisdom based on his experiences in internet sales and real estate. He tells it like it is.

The Black Internet Marketing Forum Now Online!

As I’ve mentioned on Black Business Space and earlier in this blog, I’ve committed to moderating a new internet marketing forum dedicated to the Black internet marketer called the Black Internet Marketing Forum. It’s now online (after some late-night tinkering over the last two days) and I intend to continue making improvements to the

The Black Folks’ Guide to Social Networking: C is for Commenting has an article on How to Comment to Bring in Traffic. This is a great overview of how visiting other weblogs and websites can generate traffic for your own site. The key is to make an insightful comment that doesn’t serve as fluff but that really adds perspective or additional depth to the

Completely Random: Chicago Skyline

Testing photoblogging functionality. Enjoy.