Arise Ye Black Nerds and Claim Your Place as Targeted Consumers

This original link from Desedo was referenced by Brand Noise, a brand planning weblog, and it speaks to the growing popularity and acceptance of Black Nerds. The post suggests that Black Nerds are not effectively courted by marketers who would do well to recognize their savvy and laid-back, hip style while acknowledging their identification with all things geeky. Granted, there are still full-out nerds who don’t have nanocell of cool within them (like the very funny but extremely nerdy Andre Meadows), but others Pharrell Williams are changing the game and setting new standards of what it means to be cool and scary smart.

For those looking for a less high tech perspective on Black Nerdydom, you might like this article called The Rise of the Black Nerd and the accompanying academic summary of notable Black Nerds throughout history at the end.

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