Can You Make Money with Your Own Forum?

Eventually, yes. But the key to managing a forum effectively is to
build a following big enough to benefit from monetization strategies
of ad placement, affiliate offers, text link ads and others, by
choosing a topic where you have a passion for ongoing engagement and
others–lots of others–have an interest in visiting and contributing.
As I’ve been laying the groundwork for the Black Internet Marketing
Forum (and waiting for my technical partner to return from his
vacation and complete my php installation), it struck me that this
will be a labor of love and not an additional stream of income. I’m ok
with that; it means a substantial portion of my focus might be split
between the forum and the directory but I believe that one can effectively direct traffic
to the other and the relationship between both is mutually beneficial.
At least that’s the story I’ve sold to myself. The real challenge will
be seeing if the topical niche is narrow enough to piqué solid and
sustainable involvement but broad enough to appeal to a substantial
number of entrepreneurs. You’re getting a behind-the-scenes peek at
the genesis of my next big thing. Buckle up.

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