The Black Folks’ Guide to Social Networking: C is for Commenting

Black Folks' Guide Series / Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 has an article on How to Comment to Bring in Traffic. This is a great overview of how visiting other weblogs and websites can generate traffic for your own site. The key is to make an insightful comment that doesn’t serve as fluff but that really adds perspective or additional depth to the original comment in a way that intrigues other enough to click on your link and visit you for more. You might offer that the line of thought is something that you’ve written about on your weblog or that your service is a response to an expressed need and how you’ve met or are meeting the challenge addressed by the first author. Perhaps you’ve created a social network or forum that others who share this concern might visit. Some posts will even offer a Trackback feature where you can easily provide notice to the author of a post that you’ve made a comment about his or her article and a link to your follow-up post is automatically included in the comment history of the first post. One of the keys to effective commenting that generates good traffic is to be one of the first commenters and, more importantly, to provide solid substance in your comment.

Most blogging platforms have a feature for sending trackbacks to other addresses (pinging). For easy instructions on how to trackback, visit this article at eHow.

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