Joined Yuwie–Let’s See How Long it Lasts

I went ahead and signed up for a Yuwie account. It’s a lot like MySpace even to the point of not being super-easy to navigate around. I found the ad pages a little irritating initially as I was setting up my page and having to continously skip over multiple pages before being allowed to edit my stuff. I’ll give it a shot and see how things go. What I really need to focus on is finding simple ways to integrate content from my blog here within BlackBusinessSpace, OneMIllionBlackBusinesses, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, BlackPlanet, Yuwie, and the Black Internet Marketing Forum. I’ve been able to accomplish some of that with my blog widget that appears on most of these sites or via an RSS blog feed but I’ve still got some work yet to do. I also revamped my page on MyBlogLog to eliminate some of my earlier sites that are no longer being kept up to date. The focus needs to be on driving traffic to the directory and now the forum in order to build a larger audience for greater visibility of the product opportunities on both sites.

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