Achieving Laser Focus in your Internet Marketing Efforts

I’m not sure why, but it seems that my efforts at achieving a greater level of visibility and expertise are paying off. I attribute most of it to my intensified efforts to post more often to my weblog while also maintaining contact with friends and colleagues through social networking sites. As I’ve followed some of the conversations about focus and maintaining progressive momentum in business endeavors, it’s occurred to me that while I’ve done a good job of becoming more visible on a variety of sites to include many that I’ve started myself, my primary purpose of providing a solid resource via the weblog or through my directory or internet marketing forum is in jeopardy of becoming a secondary purpose. Why be as involved and visible if only to become a community member and not the kind of contributor around whom communities can flourish? It’s not about the world revolving around me but it is about making sure that my existing (and potential) customers receive full value for establishing a relationship with me.

Case in point: I have yet to provide my directory subscribers with a newsletter that helps them to use all the features in the directory to their full advantage. Many people simply join up, complete a few details about their business, create a listing and let it sit with no further action. Many don’t know that there are a variety of other features that let them create printable user coupons, provide maps and directions to their location, include a weblink, add a logo, and a host of other options that distinguish my directory from the competition. I need to make them aware of these features while offering tips on how to use them to promote their businesses. This will in turn provide them with additional value and perhaps serve as a reason for them to recommend the directory to others. A little more focus on the site as a primary objective will pay greater dividends that getting too caught up in distracting social networking that might be great but has a much longer payoff and should be done after the primary work is complete. Weblog entries and discussion forum postings are also primary focal points that merit greater attention from me.

One of my long overdue to-do’s is to publish an integrating internet marketing map that provides some helpful direction is how you can bring all of your multiple efforts and internet presences together to maximize your effort while minimizing the time it takes to be connected to all the groups and places where you see fit to spend your time. Look for it soon and meanwhile, share your successes and frustrations with keeping up while being online.

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