Top Reasons to Get Listed in a Black-Owned Business Directory

Marketing / Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

As you consider a submitting your business for a free listing in, consider this advice in an article by Gordon Petten:

Minority business owners have an outlet to market their products and services that many might not be aware of. Thanks to the Internet, marketing directly to the black community is becoming even easier. Black owned business directory services enable companies that are driven by black leadership to make their status known. This can, in turn, result in a boost in potential clients and customers.

The benefits of black owned business directory listings are many. While black owned business directory listings will not replace the need to market elsewhere, the option does open a lot of doors. Some of the reasons to consider getting a minority owned business listed in a black owned business directory include:

• Direct marketing. Black owned business directory listings are scoured by members of the black community that want to do business with a company that is run by a black owner. They are also used by people of other racial backgrounds that are seeking out the best of the best – regardless of race. This type of direct marketing can prove crucial to a company’s success.

• Greater online presence. Getting a business or firm name out on the Internet is a great way to draw in more potential customers and clients. The incoming links for online businesses, for example, can very much help company websites enjoy a greater amount of online traffic, which can relate directly to increased sales and revenue. The more buzz a business, professional or even informational site can generate about itself on the Internet, the better. For those who qualify, black owned business directory listings provide another means for generating buzz.

• Targeted traffic. Whether a black owned business directory listing is for a black lawyer in Peoria, Ill., or an international cosmetic products company, the traffic these listings can send toward a company or firm is generally very targeted. This means the potential customer stream is typically very interested in products or services and will have a greater percentage of people interested in buying. Targeted traffic is the most desirable on the Internet – especially for companies that want to succeed. • Other business tools. Many black owned business directory listing sites are driven by black business organizations. By joining and getting a listing, black owned businesses also gain the resources of the organization to help their businesses thrive. For small or home-based companies in particular, the tools that go along with black owned business directory listings can prove invaluable.

• One prong in an overall campaign. When an overall marketing campaign is planned to boost sales, clients and revenue, black owned business directory listings make a great deal of sense. For those who are eligible, these listings provide another cost effective means for getting the word out about products or services. When drawing in new customers or clients is the plan, leaving stones unturned is not smart.

Black owned business directory listings won’t guarantee a minority owned business success. What they can do, however, is provide another effective means for marketing. When the power of a black owned business directory listing is harnessed along with other marketing strategies, the outcome for a business can be phenomenal., The Definitive Online Directory for Black Businesses

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