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News / Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Yaro Starak has a great blog called Entrepreneurs Journey where the
focus is helping aspiring internet entrepreneurs in navigating the
tricks and trade of the business. Some of his best posts are product
reviews where he talks about both good and bad features while
including affiliate links that provide him with a solid stream of
income each month. This post is a great tutorial on how you can use product reviews
combined with a blog post in an email message that also includes your
affiliate link as a means of increasing conversion rates. The key is
writing a review that provides balanced answers to questions from
potential buyers who appreciate your authenticity and complete a
purchase. Think about the many times you’ve searched the Internet for
reviews and decided to purchase based on a solid summary. Had there
been a product link available, you might have clicked on it to begin
processing a transaction from within the review. If you have had this
experience, chances are you clicked on somebody’s affiliate link and
they also made money on the referral. You need to be that guy. Follow
Yaro’s advice and make more money on your affiliate products.

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