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Iceman Baldy’s Money Making Resources: The Fastest Profit Ever on Squidoo

I’ve decided to use an page to market some of my key affiliate sales resources to include two products by Willie Crawford. One of these products was created by his Internet Marketing Inner Circle group and both have been fantastic tutorials for me as I’ve begun to use products an an income stream.

Black Bloggers and Website Owners, Are You Ready for Advertiser Demand?

The African American Political Pundit shared this post: African American Political Pundit: Are black bloggers and black websites next multiplatform advertising opportunity?. It appears that many advertisers and beginning to understand how black bloggers and webpreneurs can help them more effectively market to our demographic through the credibility of techno-mavens who have established and

Eight Ways To Make Money Online offers a quick article with pictorial summaries at this link: How To Make Money Online – The article covers such things like virtual stores, virtual landlords, virtual matchmakers, content providers (subscriber and advertiser models), domain directories, domain flipping and virtual futures markets.

Notable Black Internet Marketers

I’ve added a blogroll to my blog that will be a dynamic listing of black internet marketers with links to their sites. If you would like to be included, let me know. Unfortunately, I can’t list all of your multiple sites but would rather focus on your primary site or weblog log and those

Using YouTube Videos in eBay Listings

I use eBay quite a bit to fund new technology purchases by selling old technology. This is the deal that my wife and I have worked out in order to keep our finances (and my marriage) in proper order. I’m a gadget fiend and it’s easy for me to have-to-have the latest and greatest

Thinking About Getting Your Book Published in 2008? Check out This Post Called Black and Self-published.

Black Business Women Online offers this great post by Lashanda Henry on how to get your book self-published using This is the first in a series of posts on the subject of self-publishing. Lashanda is quite the Black Webpreneur and she maintains several well-developed websites.  She is a great example of how to

Exponential Blog Exposure: The Multiplier Effect

Are you finding it difficult to maintain an internet presence across multiple social networks, weblogs, websites, and forums? It’s easy to get so caught up in frequently making updates and keeping your content fresh that you fail to realize that new content can be repackaged and offered to your new and existing readers in

The Danger in Using Deadlines to Drive Purchase Decisions

I enjoy reading posts by Yaro Starak at his blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey. This post entitled, "Read This Article Today Or You Miss Out! Deadline Driven Marketing ยป Internet Business Blog – by Yaro Starak", is especially relevant to those of us who publish weblogs while also trying to market our products through those weblogs

Blog Bars

Blog Bars. This is a little silly. Computer terminals set up for the sole purpose of allowing you to comment on the event in progress. Why not just use SMS and provide people with the number to send a message? Maybe it will catch on, but I doubt it. Real blogging on location happens

Facebook vs. MySpace: Which is Better for Black Business?

As Facebook gains popularity making the transition from college-only social networking portal to mainstream elite social networking space, I’m wondering how many people use one service versus the other or both to promote their business(es). I fall into the the latter category and I’ve found that each option has its pros and cons. MySpace