Facebook vs. MySpace: Which is Better for Black Business?

News / Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

As Facebook gains popularity making the transition from college-only
social networking portal to mainstream elite social networking space,
I’m wondering how many people use one service versus the other or both
to promote their business(es). I fall into the the latter category and
I’ve found that each option has its pros and cons.

MySpace is not as tightly controlled as Facebook. With MySpace there
is no need to login to view most pages and it’s relatively easy to add
friends or join groups. Although you can connect with a lot of people
given the ease of making contact and forming associations, many of
these so-called friends are spam personalities whose sole purpose is
to sell you stuff or point you to sites unrelated to any of your
interests. Facebook eliminates a majority of the spam by requiring
registration from all users and limiting your connections with others
with mutual acknowledgement from both parties before friends are made
or groups joined. There is still a strong college user presence but
Facebook is becoming an informal, multi-media version of LinkedIn. To
its credit, MySpace has performed some design changes that mimic
Facebook’s look and functionality in an effort to remain King of the
social networking hill.

I’m leaning toward using Facebook as a primary social networking space
while performing only minor updates to my MySpace page. Fortunately,
widgets can be used to post RSS updates from my blog to either site
and others where I maintain a presence to build my list and generate
traffic for my sites. I like the way that Facebook allows me to
integrate Twitter, my blog posts, and a Slide.com widget without
requiring much effort from me to keep the content fresh. Let me know
how you’re using MySpace or Facebook (or both) and what you like or
dislike about each network.

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