The Danger in Using Deadlines to Drive Purchase Decisions

Marketing / Thursday, December 20th, 2007

I enjoy reading posts by Yaro Starak at his blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey. This post entitled, "Read This Article Today Or You Miss Out! Deadline Driven Marketing » Internet Business Blog – by Yaro Starak", is especially relevant to those of us who publish weblogs while also trying to market our products through those weblogs or by other online means. The principle of scarcity as a motivator for sales is a key way to move product but you have to use scarcity in a way that does not diminish your credibility. No one hates to feel like they have been rushed into making a purchase only to find out that they did not benefit from a lower cost by purchasing early, or that the urgency was entirely manufactured and they were conned into parting with their money sooner than they might have otherwise. Yaro explains how he legitimately uses deadlines to promote his products and even goes further to provide the steps he takes to ensure that his affiliates are part of the timing he uses to plan the release and closing of the sales period. He also explains how he ties links to third party reviews to the timing and how he uses his blog and email messages most effectively in the final stages leading up to the deadline. You learn a lot just from what he provides on his blog and if you’ve read some of my more recent posts, you know that this kind of free content builds goodwill and credibility that allows him to sell very well once he announces for-fee content and seminars.

As you read his post, take special note of the mistakes that bloggers make when releasing products online. You can sell from your blog but it makes more sense to develop special sites designed solely for this purpose so that you don’t feel as if you have to integrate two different writing approaches (blog posts versus copywriting) into one space. It can be done but most dedicated bloggers may not want to mix the two as the messages and tone can be very different.

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