Exponential Blog Exposure: The Multiplier Effect

Weblogs / Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Are you finding it difficult to maintain an internet presence across multiple social networks, weblogs, websites, and forums? It’s easy to get so caught up in frequently making updates and keeping your content fresh that you fail to realize that new content can be repackaged and offered to your new and existing readers in multiple formats that further extend its shelf life.

One of my favorite methods of repurposing my content involves what I can muti-publishing. I us my weblog to post the first version of my content. Typically an instructional post like this one, will begin on my weblog where I might leave it for a day to generate traffic to the blog and to provide my RSS subscribers with the benefit of reading the post first. Later, I’ll post the entry to social networks to include Black Business Space, Facebook and MySpace. I’ve automated this process by using an import feature in Facebook and a Yourminis.com widget for MySpace and BlackPlanet. Within another day or two of the blog posting, my Black Internet Marketing Forum is also updated with the post. One post provides me with exposure in four different places. Many of these posts could be used as articles in ezine directories or featured on other internet marketing forums. i try to make sure that each post includes hyperlinks or references to my opt-in page so that I can continue to grow my contact list.

Multi-publishing is just one way to optimize your efforts and increase your blog visibility exponentially. Other methods include combining your related posts into a special report or ebook, expanding a post into a larger article or treatise, using a post as the basis for a comprehensive resource page, and much more. Many top bloggers also republish their older and most popular posts with updated information and include backlinks to the original post. You’re only limited by your creativity but when writing a post, try to consider the ways that it might be maximized for greatest exposure.

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