Using YouTube Videos in eBay Listings

I use eBay quite a bit to fund new technology purchases by selling old technology. This is the deal that my wife and I have worked out in order to keep our finances (and my marriage) in proper order. I’m a gadget fiend and it’s easy for me to have-to-have the latest and greatest camera, mobile phone, PDA, or slick and shiny thingamajig so recycling my dollars using eBay sales helps to minimize the sting of what is invariably an increased cost. Well, this Christmas, instead of a new AT&T Tilt, Santa brought a new hard drive digital camcorder. I can now video up to 37 hours of video. Never mind that the included battery only has a one and one half hour capacity. Theoretically, and with the help of an extended battery, a battery charger and several rotations between batteries, I can record up to 37 hours of video. Very nice. I’m full of gadgety glee.

All this got me to thinking about whether it’s possible to embed video in eBay listings. If you’ve ever sold anything on eBay, you know that 80% of the sale is based on the listing. Listings that are informative, truthful, accurate, well-designed, well-written, and informative (yes, that’s twice) are the best at selling items for the greatest profit. I’ve seen the same items listed during the same period of time and the better crafted listing has always provided more money to the seller than lesser competing listings. As it turns out, based on a May 2007 announcement, you can embed video in your eBay listings. This is a great benefit to anyone selling on eBay because pictures are wonderful sales tools and video provides even more information to curious purchasers. There is no additional cost or eBay fees to include video in your listing just like there are no additional costs to include pictures in your item description as image html links. I intend to give this a shot when I list my old Treo 650 for sale over the weekend. It’s an old workhorse that has been replaced by a Palm Centro and video should do a great job of showing some of the nicks and scratches on the casing along with its general operating condition in a way that is extremely credible. When selling items online via auction services, maximize profit potential whenever you can by the most effective (and least expensive) means available. Video is a great addition to an eBay listing.

Also see eBay’s help page for Adding Video to Your Listing.

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