The Paypal Storefront Widget: Conducting Business Just Got A Lot Easier


I use PayPal in conjunction with my eBay seller account to ensure prompt payment on my sales and to minimize some of the scam purchases that frustrate many who think that they’ve landed an unbelievable sale only to find out that their winning bidder is a fraudulent account user. I’ve often found it difficult to […]

December 11, 2007

Business, brands, value, community: Are you an African-American-fluential?


Read this report about those of us who have great economic savvy and technological insight and how we choose to use the internet for networking and necessity. The article focuses on our bias to use the net for business connections. If you’re really intending to take your business to the next level using the Internet, […]

December 7, 2007

Microblogging with Twitter and Tinyurl


As if regular blogging wasn’t addictive enough, I’m finding myself intrigued by the use of Twitter to track the keyworkds "black business" and "African-American" and lately I’ve received text messages on my phone that include short url addresses to these topics of interest where the url addresses all originate from a site called Tinyurl. Let […]

December 6, 2007

Tips for Improving your One Million Black Listing


This is the first in a series of emails that will be delivered to members of the One Million at If you would like to receive copies of emails from the entire series, please join our directory at the homepage. Part One of the Improved Listings Series Now that your listing has been approved, […]

December 1, 2007