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Black Business Coach: Daily Blog By Dante Lee: 4 Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur

Good article by Dante Lee at about the four characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. There are certainly other important competencies if you are to achieve your business goals, but these four are a great starting point as you make your way.

Miles Media & Marketing: A Great Site for Entrepreneurial News and Current Events

I ran across a nice site for news and current events related to African American entrepreneurship. It’s Miles Media and Marketing based out of Chicago, Illinois and it’s a refreshing source of posts that provide a boost of enthusiastic energy via examples and affirmations of how to realize your goals for success. [From Miles

Problogger: 14 Essential Mac OS X Applications for Bloggers

I’m a Macintosh fan and of course, the Macbook Air is my new lust object. Since I don’t have one yet and it will likely be a while before I get one, I was happy to read this article by Darren Rouse over at about Mac applications that can truly enhance the blogging

How to Get 10,000 Subscribers with Nothing But Good Content

Consider the following: No Feedcount.   No Guest Posting. No Contests/Projects. No Advertising. No Incentives. No Guest bloggers. No Digg frontpages. No Frequent Posting. and 10,000 blog subscribers. How is it possible? Read on. Just How Dominant Is MySpace?

I’ve posted a few comments about MySpace and Facebook and this post from eMarketer provides data to show actual usage stats between the two. Facebook is gaining on MySpace but still has a long way to go. Interestingly, BlackPlanet is another social site that I use and though the numbers are smaller than MySpace

Dosh Dosh: The Secret to Building a Popular Blog and Getting Tons of Readers

Dosh Dosh offers some outstanding content on his blog and this post, The Secret to Building a Popular Blog and Getting Tons of Readers, is no exception. It’s one to read over and over again along with the related posts: Your Fellow Blogger is Not a Competitor Dosh Dosh Reaches 10,000 Subscribers (and the

Problogger: Nine Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

I’ve made references to my use of Twitter a few times in this blog and it’s becoming more popular each day as some of the more reknown bloggers and marketers talk about how they use the service for their own purposes. Darren Rouse, author of the high-trafficked Problogger site provides his insight on 9

A Success-Oriented Mindset

I received a free ebook today from Brother Bedford, creator of How to be a Black It’s a great calibration piece to read as you focus your mental energies on keeping or rekindling your momentum in 2008. Get it via immediate download here. Sent from my iPhone

Internet Marketing Q&A on the Beach with Martin Luther King and Barack Obama

Well kind of. I just returned from a weekend of the good life in Florida. Great weather, good company, and lots of activity with not much time for blogging but restful overall and a good trip. Since returning, I’ve added a submission form to a post at where I’m asking for input on

PBS MLK Day Special on Young Black Entrepreneurs

After you’ve spent the MLK holiday celebrating through service and other activities that reflect a realization of the dream, you should tune in for the PBS Nightly Business Report (NBR) for a special program devoted exclusively to young black entrepreneurs. Read more at this link: : Nightly Business Report Partners with BLACK ENTERPRISE